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Héloïse and Julie are passionate about travel, and work like craftsmen to create personalised and unique itineraries.

We specialise in tailor-made travel and can take you anywhere in the world. From Oceania to the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, we can whisk you away for a weekend or several weeks, in explorer or 5-star mode. We offer you a personalised experience tailored to your desires, passions and budget. We do not have a catalogue, but rather we create a roadmap perfectly adapted to your requests.
AMYTHIS is a professional agency and meets all regulatory requirements. We have a travel operator's licence issued by Atout France (number IM033130003).

We also have a financial guarantee and professional civil liability covering our activities.

Héloïse JEAN


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“After a background in communication and experience in the luxury and event sector, I created AMYTHIS, an agency specialising in business tourism and the organisation of tailor-made trips for professionals and individuals. I am convinced that a tailor-made trip is the best way to discover new cultures. As an enthusiastic traveller with an eye for detail, I am committed to bringing new experiences to our customers.”



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“I was immersed in the world of travel from childhood, and naturally turned to the tourism sector after completing my studies in business. I worked for more than 10 years in Paris for a leading specialist in tailor-made trips and private tours in tropical island destinations before joining Amythis in 2017. I am passionate about creating unforgettable trips for our customers and I am happy to share my personal experiences and tips on my favourite destinations.”

Margot DOUAT


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“From very early in my life I wanted to travel, initially in Europe, then to destinations further afield. I am passionate about meeting people and discovering other cultures, I’ve been to Bali, New York, Istanbul and Singapore. As part of my training, I was able to get to know the Philippines.

That was a unique professional experience, during which I accompanied a group in its daily life.

After obtaining a BTS (further education diploma) and then a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Marketing, I have now obtained a specialised Master’s degree, with the goal of continuing to evolve in the world of travel.

I joined Amythis to be able to create unique travel opportunities, I want to be able to discover all aspects of my profession, living fully and sharing my passion”.



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Django is the team's travelling companion. He has spent his entire career at Amythis and enjoys sharing his opinion. He' s always there to spread his good mood!


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